Top 5 Reports for Institutional Impact

Coursedog has a number of reports to help our partners achieve institutional goals. Check out our Top 5 Scheduling reports that enable our partners to harness the power of their data.

Around 2018 DBU opened up separate RFPs in order to help support their growing need to digitize their scheduling and curricular operations. Despite initially looking for separate tools, the introduction to Coursedog’s Academic Operations Platform, containing integrated academic and event scheduling, course demand and projections, curriculum, catalog, and campus form solutions through a single, bi-directional SIS integration with Colleague, made Coursedog an easy choice.

“[Coursedog] was able to accomplish multiple things that we needed and really in a meaningful way. Events don’t get scheduled in rooms where there are classes and vice versa, classes don’t get scheduled that aren’t approved through a curriculum committee...It helps to make sure that the things that we’re doing are accurate across the university.” Dr. Matt Winn, DBU CIO.

The DBU team also cited Coursedog’s flexible interface as a large influence on their decision to procure the software. Like many colleges and universities, DBU has many institution-specific approaches to academic operations, making Coursedog’s no code customization appealing.

Prior to Coursedog, DBU managed their Academic Operations manually. Event scheduling and curriculum and catalog management were managed by separate people and departments, and were paper based and labor intensive as well as not connected to each other.

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