Des Moines University and Coursedog Partnership

Des Moines University and Coursedog Partnership

Des Moines University Partners with Coursedog to Implement Modern Scheduling and Curriculum Management Tools

Des Moines University has adopted Coursedog’s academic & event scheduling and curriculum management solutions to streamline their technology stack and create a smoother scheduling process. Coursedog provides the tools needed for administrators to create an academic schedule every semester, schedule events on campus, and manage the curriculum process in a single, integrated platform. 

“As DMU prepares for our new campus, we’re looking for opportunities to create a more efficient experience for our faculty, staff and students. Coursedog’s modern approach and vision of creating a more innovative space in the curriculum management world was really exciting.” Carlyn Cox, Director of Educational Technology

Implementing Coursedog’s academic and event scheduling solution will provide the scheduling team with a single source of truth for every meeting held on campus, making it easier for them to align the schedule. This will ultimately save the staff time and make it easier for them to create a schedule that balances their student’s needs with the non-standard teaching patterns that come with having faculty who are working clinicians.

When looking for a new solution to implement, the DMU team knew that they wouldn’t be able to find a single solution that fit all of their unique needs, so instead they were looking for a tool that had plenty of flexibility and came with a team that would work with them as a partner.

“About halfway through the search process we took a step back to evaluate if we wanted to completely change the way we were thinking about this. The Coursedog team was the only vendor who took the time to set up a meeting with some of their product experts to really dig into what we were truly trying to accomplish here. While their platform won’t provide everything we were hoping to find, it will improve many of our processes and we are confident that we have found a successful partnership.” Carlyn Cox, Director of Educational Technology

With Coursedog, DMU is now empowered with the tools they need for a modern, streamlined approach to scheduling and curriculum management, as well as the partnership with the Coursedog team to ensure they have the information and support they need to implement. The ultimate goal is creating the best possible schedule to set their students up for success.

About Des Moines University

Founded in 1898, Des Moines University is a premier medical and health sciences institution comprising three colleges offering nine graduate degrees. The programs share a collective strength—a collaborative campus community where students and faculty come together in the pursuit of knowledge and innovation.

About Coursedog

Coursedog’s Integrated Academic Operations Platform empowers academic administrators with integrated academic and event scheduling, course demand projections, curriculum, catalog, and academic reporting tools through a single, bi-directional integration with your SIS.

Our modern software empowers higher education administrators to supercharge the academic scheduling, curricular exploration, and operational experience and deliver top notch services that help more students complete their educational pathways in less time.

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