Isothermal Community College Adopts Coursedog

Isothermal Community College Adopts Coursedog

Isothermal Community College Keeps Students at the Center with Coursedog’s Integrated Academic Operations Platform

Isothermal Community College adopts Coursedog’s integrated academic operations platform, which includes academic and event scheduling, curriculum and catalog management, academic  reporting and course demand projection solutions. Isothermal’s goal in partnering with Coursedog is to improve efficiencies and carry out their academic operations in a way that keeps students at the center of their work. 

“As a smaller school, sometimes it seems easier and faster to do things by paper, but ultimately those processes catch up to you and affect students. We were looking for a way to be better and more efficient.” Robby Walters, CIO 

Empowered with a platform that streamlines their processes and automates curricular and scheduling policy validation, it’s easier and faster for the Isothermal team to execute optimized schedules for students. Like many other institutions, Isothermal is looking to drive enrollment over the next few years, and see having tools in place to create accessible, equitable schedules as a key component of that growth plan. 

While student success was the primary goal in partnering with Coursedog, a close second was implementing a tool that faculty and staff would find easy to use. 

“We were excited that Coursedog’s user interface was modern and easy-to-use. These factors matter because it means faculty and staff are able to actually see what is going on with things such as our schedule and that will result in increased efficiencies and reduce errors as well.” Robby Walters, CIO

Isothermal Community College is now equipped with the tools they need to execute their academic operations in a more efficient and optimized manner that ultimately will help the institution reach and retain more students. 

About Isothermal Community College

Isothermal is one of North Carolina's leading community colleges serving Rutherford and Polk counties, with three locations, and a leading online learning college. Isothermal is an accredited institution with more than 100 associate degrees, diplomas, and certificates that prepare students for university transfer or immediate employment. The college also offers short-term, non-degree programs in healthcare, hospitality, emergency services,  and more. With the Rutherford and Polk early college programs, Isothermal serves high school students, and also offers classes at area high schools through the Career and College Promise program.  

About Coursedog

Coursedog’s Integrated Academic Operations Platform empowers academic administrators with integrated academic and event scheduling, course demand projections, curriculum, catalog, and academic reporting tools through a single, bi-directional integration with your SIS.

Our modern software empowers higher education administrators to supercharge the academic scheduling, curricular exploration, and operational experience and deliver top notch services that help more students complete their educational pathways in less time.

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